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If you are looking to take your club’s nutrition to a higher level, we can set up a menu that aims to optimally fuel athletes before and help them recover after competition. This service includes up to 3 days food catering (-1 competition / match day, competition / match day, and +1 competition / match day) and it can take place to any venue that your team will be these days, whether this will be your club’s facilities, a hotel or any other available site where athletes can have access to. As our aim is to provide high performance nutrition support, we advise you to get into contact with our nutritionist to discuss the goals for the specific athletic event, your athletes’ food preferences, including vegetarianism, veganism, allergies, social and religion derived food restrictions etc. In this way, you will get a bespoke and diverse menu and all athletes can enjoy their meals and perform at their greatest potentials. If you are interested in this service, please get in touch at least 3 weeks before the athletic event.

If you are an athlete aiming to enhance your performance, achieve your body composition goals, get educated around nutrition and enjoy your daily eating routine, we have the solution for you. Athletes’ life sometimes gets hard as they have to deal with a hectic training routine, lack of time for socialising, strict or boring nutrition plans, etc. What if you didn’t have to cook and got all your meals delivered to your door? Wouldn’t this save you time and let you focus on training, friends and family? So, what we actually do is work in line with a sport nutritionist, who provides you with personalised nutritional support to achieve your goals. This time instead of you counting grams of chicken, cups of rice and so on, it is us who prepare everything your meal plan includes, cook it with the finest ingredients, pack it and send it to your door. We have the equipment to prepare and deliver food that can be stored in the fridge for up to 7 days and you will have all your meals almost ready to be eaten. Being an athlete is not about having a tasteless and blunt diet, it’s about enjoying mouthwatering food that can fuel your needs and training


Our Sport Nutritionist: Eleni Kallianioti – Sport Nutritionist and Dietitian (MSc, SENr)

The nutritionist of our team holds a master’s degree in Sport Nutrition from Liverpool John Moores University. She is also a dietitian graduate in Dietetic and Nutrition Science of Harokopio University of Athens. She is an accredited Graduate registrant of the Sport and Exercise Nutrition registration (SENr-BDA), a UK anti-doping advisor and a Level 1 Anthropometrist (ISAK).

Eleni works both as a freelancer sport nutritionist supporting athletic performance and as a dietitian providing support to a number of cases. Her experience in the field of sport nutrition includes working 1-1 with combat sport athletes, football and American football players, and endurance athletes. She has also worked with football academies and American football clubs, where her role was mostly consulting and focusing on providing educational support around nutrition and athletic adaptations.