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Our philosophy

We believe in fresh ingredients. They have a powerful taste and flavor that makes the food incredible. Thus, when we talk about fresh ingredients we include everything, not only fruits and vegetables or meat and fish, even pasta for example. We only serve our handmade fresh pasta to unlock our delicate flavors. The key is the research. We research and select well-source fruits and vegetables based on seasonal availability. We also support local farmers helping to build a successful community around food. We aim to share our love for cuisine cultures, tastes and recipes with you. The blend of passion and knowledge allows us to deliver a truly authentic gastronomic experience.


Meat the team

Asterios Synodis and Michael Kechagioglou are the owners and Head Chefs of Juniper Catering Services. They are professional Chefs with many years of experience in award-winning restaurants and hotels in Greece and the United Kingdom. They are experienced in classical and contemporary cooking styles, specializing with  creative vision in various ethnic cuisines. Michael and Asterios are hard trained even for the highest demands, for the most demanding palates. They are ready to amaze you with their skills and professionalism.


What we can do for you

We can organise every event that you can think about. We offer menus that cover every desire and preference even diet menus and nutrition support upon request.We undertake all kinds of events such us:

  • Wedding
  • Anniversary party
  • Christening
  • Funeral
  • Birthday party
  • Business congres
  • Sunday roast
  • Steak nights
  • Christmas dinner
  • New years eve
  • Private dining

We give you the opportunity to create your event by your own with only 3 steps:

  1. Choose the menu that fits your demands.
  2. Choose every extra service you want.
  3. Enjoy an unique experience.


For any special request don’t hesitate to contact us.